Centillion is a privately held company based in Houston, TX and New York, NY.




Centillion Corporation is a physical commodities trading and distribution company. We are currently evaluating and working on upstream E&P acquisitions of producing conventional oil and gas properties, midstream logistics and downstream refineries. Including as a provider of U.S. Jones Act and Foreign Flag crude oil and refined product tankers. Assets that can optimize trading and our strategic growth plans.

We are also looking to secure off-take agreements for crude oil and natural gas products and to lease crude oil pipeline and storage facilities with marine terminal access. We pursue transactions domestically yet are centered on exporting large volumes of products to an international customer base of refineries, trading companies and other end users. Producing crude oil from our own wells or through off-take agreements ensures the demands of our customers will be met. With our own refining and logistics facilities we can optimize trading, control our ability to distribute and transport products to customers efficiently and lower loading/delivery costs. 


Our management consists of people with 35-40 years of oil and gas industry experience. They have worked in E&P onshore and deepwater offshore, physical trading, shipping, logistics and refining. They are senior management executives that performed due diligence, bid, financed, acquired and operated complex businesses and assets in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors that were opportune for growth and met their organizations' strategic requirements.

Most recently, some of our management were involved in evaluating, structuring, arranging financing, and for several assets, bidding on oil refineries in the U.S and Europe. 

In 2012-2013, a 100k bpd refinery sold by Andeavor. 

In 2014 a refinery in Europe being divested by Shell Oil Company.

In 2014-2015 a 75k bpd refinery sold by a Chevron.

Prior to these assets they also evaluated several E&P divestitures from independents and majors as well.

Centillion is interested in expanding its trading business by acquiring related assets that align with its long term expansion strategies. 

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