Centillion is a privately held company based in Houston, TX and New York, NY.



Centillion Corporation is a business management company of recognized operators over businesses and finance operations developing acquisitions in North America oil and gas, renewables and petrochemicals. In sectors from rail, maritime shipping, exploration and production, midstream logistics, physical trading and refining/marketing. Centillion Corporation strategically considers late stage research and development phase and market ready acquisitions to developments within the alternative energy sector. This includes renewable diesel, hydrogen, solar, clean coal, hydroelectric and kinetic technology. Energy which can feasibly enter the marketplace to meet consumption demand with viable revenue generation methods for businesses. Centillion is the executive management over company operations and finance. Our Directors, Executives are executing pre-post acquisition and are committed to running all operations and growing businesses. Centillions' management and board control are the intrinsic value behind effectively operating and upgrading a company. To create revenue growth, reduce operational risk and improve efficiency to create a foundation of stability and success over the long-term.


Centillion's Board of Directors consists of a cadre of recognized senior O&G executives with over 200 years industry experience with direct transaction experience over $12 Billion. We have Key Leadership & Executive Management not only at the niche level but at the overall integrated company level. With Focused experience in Project Evaluation, M&A & Value Chain Operations improving financial returns. International & U.S. experience guarantees consideration of worldwide energy fundamentals and potential risks. Some of our management were recently involved in evaluating, creating operating plans, arranging financing, and bidding on oil refineries in the U.S. and Europe. 

  • 100k bpd U.S. refinery sold by Andeavor and a 70k bpd refinery sold by Shell in Europe

  • 50k bpd U.S. refinery sold by Chevron

  • 100k bpd refinery and a 335k bpd refining complex in the U.S. in 2018 and 2020

Centillion has also evaluated several E&P divestitures from large independents and majors as well.

Centillion is interested in expanding its trading business by acquiring companies or carve-out assets that align with its long term expansion strategies.