There are over 400 types of crude oil grades throughout the world today.  Many refiners use a wide variety of crude oil grades for refinery optimization and other operational reasons.  The products we trade range from domestic and international light sweet crude oil and medium to heavy sour crude oil grades.  Some of the crude oil specifications can range from:

•    50-61.4 API, with up to a 0.023 % sulfur content for condensate crude oil grades.

•    Light sweet crude oil grades with test results of 42-47 API, up to 0.11 % sulfur content.

•    Medium sour crude oil grades with 29.6-31.1 API, up to 2 % sulfur content.

•    Heavy crude oil sour grades can range from 15.4-22.6 API, up to a 3.98 % sulfur content.


Centillion has relationships with crude oil producers from regions all over the world.  Our most notable areas currently are in the United States, Canada, the North Sea, the Middle East and North Africa. Including end buyer relationships with independent and major refiners in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the United States.  Our end buyer refiners can process heavy, medium sour and light crude oil and take delivery of up to 2 million barrels per shipment.