Centillion has access to high production reservoir formations from producers, including midstream and downstream wet and dry gas related assets as well as developmental projects for processing, trading and transportation.


Natural Gas

Referred to as “dry gas” contains mostly methane and is in a non-liquid, vapor form.


Butane is used to produce synthetic rubber for tires, as lighter fuels and for gasoline blending to increase or lower combustion volatility of gasoline during winter and summer seasons.

Natural Gas Liquid's

NGL’s is a liquid called “wet gas” which has ethane, propane, butane, isobutane, pentane and pentanes plus (also known as natural gasoline).


Propane is used mostly in residential and commercial heating.


Pentane is used mainly as a blowing agent, a liquid substance that when applied takes shape into a harder material used to make polystyrene foam. Pentane is also a blend for gasoline.


Ethane is used by industrial plants for plastics production, antifreeze and detergent manufacturing.

Pentanes Plus


Pentanes Plus is a mixture of mostly pentane combined with isopentane, natural gasoline and plant condensate. Pentanes Plus is used as a gasoline blend and in heavy oil sands blending as a diluent, to ship heavy crude oil by pipeline.


Isobutane, among other things, is used for gasoline blending, as a propellant for aerosols and as a refrigerant.

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